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We want to provide up to 100% of your farm Operating credit.


  • Growers have always known their most valuable asset is the knowledge, experience and ability to efficiently produce a high-yielding crop. We know it too.
  • We consider the value of the asset being produced - the crop. This is a fundamental shift in the way lenders look at agriculture. We're interested in how efficiently farmers produce their crop.
  • For all those who farm, knowledge is an asset far more important than the land.
  • We can give you an answer quickly, so you are better prepared to plan for the year ahead.
  •  Whether you are a Farmer, Ag Lender or Ag Supplier, our ability to use the crop as collateral for farm operating loans will benefit you. 
  • We will work with you side-by-side to get operating loans in place right now for 2020. Our only interest is to provide 100% of the operating credit.