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International Commercial Financing

  • Through its funding partners, Chelsis Financial assists Clients worldwide (USA and USA-friendly countries) who want to achieve their business financing objectives. We assist Clients and brokers in their attempt to secure funding by working on $1M (USD) to $500M (USD) and higher funding requests that may require innovative financing and structuring.

  • Our specialized focus is working with start-up and existing companies on $25M (USD) to $500M (USD) and larger funding requests. We have a special interest in working with growth-oriented companies that have viable business plans. The overall value that our financial team brings to that assignment is creative thinking, underwriting expertise, and strategic relationships with potential sources.

Our best funding projects possess:

  • A strong management team
  • A viable business plan
  • Good growth potential
  • Clients with at least 10% of their own equity into the project
  • Ability to create value
  • Ability to generate cash with acceptable projected net income
  • Proven technology (if it is an alternative energy project)
  • A clearly defined exit strategy (unless it is a build/hold and operate)

  • Funding sources include domestic and international banks, pension funds, investment banks, unions, insurance companies, hedge funds, syndicates, private accredited investors, and private lenders.


For more information, please contact:

C. Ross Hedges, Principal | Chelsis Financial   | 


Cell: 812-249-4608 | Ph: 866-842-5151 | Fx: 866-576-9381